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06/01-2/2019 - Miami - Becoming a Contributing Factor - Cervical & Thoracic Releases

06/01-2/2019 - Miami - Becoming a Contributing Factor - Cervical & Thoracic Releases

Brett Baute

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This course was written with the human body in mind and meant to create real immediate change. Many of us come to understand early in our careers that no one modality holds all the answers. So why stop at one? Combining an understanding of Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Stretching & ROM, along with the proper use and applications of allied tools such as kinesiology tape, foam rollers and therabands, these tools will become your method to work with all of your daily clients.

 This workshop will focus on working with the Cervical & Thoracic regions of the body.

Dates: Saturday and Sunday, June 1st & 2nd, 2019
Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, both days

Cortiva Institute - Miami Campus
7925 NW 12th St #201, Miami, FL 33126

Tuition: $325

CE Credits: 12

Instructor: Brett Baute LMT NMT began his training in 2001 when he first attended Florida College of Natural Health. After successfully completing both the basic and advanced massage programs, Brett hit the ground running at just 18 years old. "My first 4 years in the field was an average of 12-16 hour days with little to no days off." Brett was determined to prefect his skills and somewhat obsessed with finding the combination of modalities that would improve human performance.

Today Brett is the owner and operator of Massage Therapy Solutions. A Miami based mobile massage company which has become popular amongst the growing high endurance athletic population. His clients range from weekend worries to Olympic athletes. "Everyone deserves the chance to unlock the human bodies ability to move, work and play at its best."

Although his work in the field is in high demand, Brett has spent the last 5 years following one of his biggest passions, education. Somehow he finds a balance between clients and classroom. "I still learn everyday and my understanding of the work is still being shaped with each treatment I give. Being able to share my own growth with my students and knowing it's affecting the way the work will be done in the future is the ultimate feeling."

What to bring: Massage linens and a sharp pair of scissors. Wear comfortable sport clothing. Male participants, please trim down body hair for the application of tape.