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03/11- 03/15/2019, Newington - MLD Certification

03/11- 03/15/2019, Newington - MLD Certification

Elisa DiFalco

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Workshop Description: For the past century Manual Lymph Drainage, a European modality, has been employed in the finest spas and clinics of lymphology for lymphatic wellness. It is the modality of choice to improve lymphatic flow and filtration especially when a conservative approach is physician recommended. Refined and researched by Dr. Vodder, MLD is one of the only modalities expressly designed to deliver benefits to the lymphatic system without drug or surgical intervention. This 5 day holistic certification program includes:

  • MLD Full Body Immune System - From the elite Med Spas of Europe to America’s Cosmetic Surgery offices, Vodder-style MLD has become the 4th most requested modality. For health and beauty, MLD is a natural approach to shedding excess fluid weight, cellulite minimization and optimum immune health. Experience a full body pre-op lymphlift and discover the benefits of MLD for reducing edema, bruises, pain & scar tissue for cosmetic surgery clients. Then, learn about America’s contribution to compressionwear that changed the industry forever for fashionable post-op recovery.
  • MLD Head, Face & Neck - Celebrated in Europe and now a global sensation, Vodder MLD of the head, neck & face releases the Fountain of Youth Within for health & beauty. MLD offers a gentle approach for delicate clients suffering with rosacea, acne, eczema and allergies and compliments facials, surgery and procedures performed without by utilizing the fountain within. Attendees learn both the add on and full Lymphlift on the menu of high end Med-Spa’s today.
  • Mommy and Me MLD - This upper level course explores the lymphodynamics of pregnancy. Learn how and why MLD offers edema mgt. for "barefoot & pregnant" while addressing mother's stress, stretch marks and constipation. In addition, discover the benefits of MLD to shed excess fluid weight and promote healing for both vaginal and C-section's post-delivery. Then learn why physicians have recommend MLD's conservative approach for common childhood illnesses, conditions and autoimmune issues in Europe for a century. Begin learning how to document your pt./client's progress with assessments used in our LTS clinic.
  • MLD Lymphosize: Sports, Surgery & Scars - European athletes have known the benefits of MLD for peak performance and optimum recovery from. Sports, not only requires MLD delivery, but excellent documentation, standardized measuring skills for compression garments, precision bandaging and knowledge of post-recovery lymphosize covered in the Advanced Level Course.
  • Sensory Integrated MLD for Pain Mgt., Palliative Care (Hospice)- It is recommended, MLD be performed in a "spa-like" setting, especially when working in pain mgt., palliative care & hospice. Understand why this approach best serves these populations utilizing research from foremost leaders in color, sound and aromatherapy (Debroah Sharpe, Ph.d, Mitchell Gaynor, M.D.). Learn the budget friendly sensory integrated approach used at the LTS clinic that was complimented by the insurance companies and Department of Health to customize every session and your office for a complete package Dr. Vodder would be proud of.*
*Hands on & Written Exam For Certification Administered


Dates: Monday, March 11th to Friday, March 15th, 2019
Time: 9am to 5pm each day

Cortiva Institute - Newington Campus
75 Kitts Lane
Newington, Connecticut 06111

Cost: $800 until February 25th then price goes to $875 

CE Credits: 35

Instructor: Elisa DiFalco

Instructor Bio: Elisa DiFalco began working for the famous Dr. Robert Lerner, “Pioneer of Lymphedema Treatment” over a decade ago. Later, she became owner and Clinic Director of the Ft. Lauderdale LTS Clinic which served as the “clinic day” site for 3 MLD certification institutions and honored in The Global Directory of Who’s Who in Business. With over 20,000 treatments to her credit, Elisa recognized the need for specialized MLD studies to meet the expanding MLD market and began the MLD Institute in the clinic.

Today, she brings the clinic to you through continuing education. Since then, Elisa has completed a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy and has served as educator to Medicare, Humana and sits on the advisory board of medical universities. She has trained elite spas: The Diplomat, The Ritz-Carlton, & The Grove Park Inn, and has been a Keynote Speaker for American Cancer Society. She has educated healthcare professionals through published peer reviewed research, monthly radio broadcasts and a column in Boomer Times & Senior Life and the author of a book.

Today, Elisa enjoys traveling to teach the “latest in lymph” through bi-lingual courses offerings at the MLD Institute and desires to expand the field for patient & therapists alike. Currently, Elisa’s enjoys an exclusive plastic durgery MLD practice with well-known European surgeon, Dr. Bart Rademaker and is completing Ph.d studies. “Education is key to growth. Growth is essential for Life.”

What to Bring: Massage linens for each day