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09/08-09/2018, York - Scar Tissue Management - Principles, Practice & Protocol

09/08-09/2018, York - Scar Tissue Management - Principles, Practice & Protocol

Nancy Keeney Smith

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Workshop Description: This highly practical course is aimed at assisting health care professionals with the development of their clinical expertise - enabling them to work safely and effectively with patients with problematic scars of varying etiology and through the various stages of accidental or surgical trauma recovery.

The material covers the science of wound healing and scar formation (normal and abnormal), pathophysiological scar etiology and considerations for bodywork during the various stages of healing and mature scar formation. Trauma sensitive considerations and communication strategies and are also covered.

The course includes instructor demos and participant exchange (assessment and treatment) – including methods/tools for evaluating and tracking treatment outcomes. The overarching learning outcome is to assist the professional with improving their critical thinking, clinical reasoning and scar treatment skills in order to achieve consistently safe and effective clinical outcomes.

Students will be encouraged to share their scar tissue experiences, interact with other therapists in group discussions and will have the opportunity to record demos from instructors to have for their own reference.

Nancy combines years of research with traumatic scar clients and her certification in MLD to develop a protocol that combines gentle hands-on techniques to facilitate the best healing environment.

Dates: September 8 & 9, 2018
Times: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Cortiva Institute - York Campus
170 Red Rock Road
York, PA 17406

Cost: $395

CE Credits: 18

Instructor: Nancy Keeney Smith

Nancy Keeney Smith is an author of Traumatic Scar Tissue Management, Board Certified Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Lymph Drainage Therapist, and a Florida and NCTMB Provider of Scar Management Workshops.

Nancy’s Scar Management Workshops have been taught internationally to students, LMT’s, PT’s and OT’s. Nancy is former 1st VP of the AMTA Florida Chapter, member of the American Burn Association, and the National Lymphedema Network.

What to Bring: Massage linens