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09/21-23/2018, Newington - MotherMassage - Massage During Pregnancy

09/21-23/2018, Newington - MotherMassage - Massage During Pregnancy

Elaine Stillerman

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Workshop Description: Throughout history, in tribal and traditional societies, massage was an integral part of a woman’s pregnancy, labor and postpartum experience. Typically, the women of the community gathered together to support her and her baby with herbal medicines, rituals, massage, physical and emotional support. In this country, massage therapists and bodyworkers have an opportunity to encourage pregnant women to incorporate massage therapy into their prenatal, labor and postpartum care. Massage therapy offers the gravid woman a safe, nurturing and relaxing way to relieve the common discomforts she may be experiencing.

During the "MotherMassage ®: Massage during Pregnancy" certification workshop, you learn the anatomy physiology of pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, as well as the skills and bodywork techniques necessary to massage your clients competently from their first trimester through labor and postpartum recovery.

Hands-on work includes full body prenatal massage in 5 different positions: side-lying without turning the client; side-lying turning the client to her opposite side; side-lying to supine; sitting; and using the bodyCushion System™, labor support massage and postpartum massage therapy. Appropriate draping and practitioner body mechanics are discussed.

Hand-saving massage techniques and tools (tspheres®) are explored. Special attention is paid to treating the most common discomforts of pregnancy. The contraindications and precautions of prenatal massage are discussed in detail. A variety of bodywork systems, such as Swedish massage, acupressure, trigger point therapy, deep tissue, myofascial release, reflexology, proprioception, etc. are used. Herbal remedies and nutritional supplementation are discussed along with marketing and promotional strategies to help increase your specialized practice.

This course is open to all advanced massage students, professional massage therapists and bodyworkers, childbirth educators, nurse-midwives, lay-midwives, doulas, physical therapists, obstetricians and labor support coaches. All non-massage professionals must have basic massage skills as a prerequisite to this course.

Professional certification is awarded after completing the course, passing a take home exam with a score of at least 80% and validated proof that you have massaged at least two different pregnant women. The cost of the class is $425.00. A late fee of $75 will be charged for registration within three weeks of the class. All students must PAY IN FULL at the time of registration.

The required text is Prenatal Massage: A Textbook of Pregnancy, Labor, and Postpartum Bodywork (by Elaine Stillerman, Mosby, 2008). Purchase on line at and read before the class.

Dates: September 21 to 23, 2018
Time: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm each day

Cortiva Institute - Newington Campus
75 Kitts Lane
Newington, Connecticut 06111

Cost: $425 until 3 weeks prior to the workshop, $500 after

CE Credits: 24

Instructor: Elaine Stillerman

Instructor Bio: The developer and instructor of the course is Elaine Stillerman, LMT. Licensed in New York since 1978, Stillerman began her pioneering work with pregnant women in 1980. She has been teaching the professional certification course "MotherMassage®: Massage During Pregnancy" at prestigious massage schools, spas and resorts across the country since 1990.

She has authored four books, MotherMassage: A handbook for Relieving the Discomforts of Pregnancy (Dell, 1992), The Encyclopedia of Bodywork (Facts on File, 1996), Prenatal Massage: A Textbook of Pregnancy, Labor, and Postpartum Bodywork (Mosby, 2008), and Modalities for Massage and Bodywork (Mosby, 2ed, 2015).

She has written numerous articles for magazines and journals and her work has been featured in dozens of national magazines. She has appeared on numerous local and national television and radio programs. In 2013, Elaine received the Alliance for Massage Therapy Educator’s inaugural “Educator of the Year” award, and was inducted into the World Massage Festival’s Hall of Fame. For more information, see

What to Bring: 

  • Two large towels
  • Two small towels Four sheets
  • Two standard sized pillows, one small pillow
  • Unscented lubricant
  • Note-taking materials.

Students must also purchase a copy of Prenatal Massage: A Textbook of Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum Bodywork (Stillerman, Mosby, 2008) before the workshop and bring it with them. The book can be purchased online at or

A student manual is distributed electronically for students to print out and bring to the workshop.