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10/20-21/2018, York - Cranial Sacral Therapy for the Entire Face & Sacrum

10/20-21/2018, York - Cranial Sacral Therapy for the Entire Face & Sacrum

Joe Belanger

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Workshop Description: Did you know that you have five extremities and not just four? Our head can be thought of as the fifth extremity, and its joints (called sutures) need to be mobile for optimal health and wellness. These sutures can be the source, or lead us to the root, of dysfunction and patient complaints.

In this practical 14 contact hour course, Joe will take the mystery out of cranial sacral technique and explain it in a manner which is easy to grasp and immediately applicable in attendees’ clinical environments.

This course will introduce the philosophy of osteopathic manual therapy and examine in-depth the cranial-sacral system and the role it has in neurophysiology, biomechanics, patient symptomatology and illness. Joe will share the musculoskeletal system’s role in health and illness as well as the true value of a symptom. Through lecture (PowerPoint presentation), complete course manual, skull models and bones, demonstration of techniques, patient histories and supervised hands-on practice, we will explore each of the bones and sutures of the facial region ( frontal, nasal, ethmoid, zygoma, maxilla, palatine, vomer, teeth, mandible) and explain the influences these structures have on patient symptoms.

We will experience what normal movement is for each bone and identify and release the key restriction(s) within these regions. The final two bones covered will be the sacrum and coccyx and their impact on this very dynamic system. In a treatment methodology which is often shrouded by some in “mysticism”, Joe is able to share and explain cranial technique in a manner which is easy to grasp and immediately applicable in attendees’ clinical environments.

Explore this fascinating manual therapy approach and treatment paradigm and expand your understanding on how structure, energy and emotions can influence function, symptoms and illness.

Dates: October 20 and 21, 2018
Times: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm both days

Cortiva Institute - York Campus
170 Red Rock Road
York, PA 17406

Cost: $275

CE Credits: 14

Instructor: Joe Belanger

Joe Belanger, PT is a 1990 graduate of Quinnipiac University. He has been practicing holistic manual therapy for the last 24 years and offers his services at Belanger Physical Therapy, LLC in Portland, CT.

After treating patients for a short time, it became clear that there did not seem to be many supportive answers for patients’ questions regarding why they had certain conditions and how to help them. Hearing and seeing how manual therapy could help lessen and/or resolve many complaints that were thought “unresolvable”, he began studying and searching so that his hands could feel what the body was trying to communicate. He grew to believe that a person has inside himself all that they need in order to heal; they just need some help in accessing it, if they choose.

Joe has presented many manual therapy and holistic healthcare workshops in the U.S., Canada and Greece to a variety of practitioners in the healing arts. His love of sharing his experiences with others is quite evident in his presentation style. In his practice he treats infants through the “very wise” with a wide variety of diagnoses.

Joe is a true believer in the connection among body, mind and spirit and incorporates this into his treatment philosophy and practice. He supports his patients using manual therapy techniques, energy modalities, home exercises and an invitation for his patients to experience more of who they truly are.

What to Bring: Massage linens, a course manual will be provided.