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11/03-04/2018, Miami - L.I.F.T. Ligament Stimulation - Addressing Fascial Alignment

11/03-04/2018, Miami - L.I.F.T. Ligament Stimulation - Addressing Fascial Alignment

JoAnn Kovaly

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Workshop Description: Students will learn how fascial alignment and restriction affects movement patterning, dysfunction and pain. Learn how to interpret what you see in posture, movement and what your client's positioning while on the table means. The rotations, hip hikes, spinal shifts and bends all affect the client's perception of who they are and what they feel within their bodies. What you see is a big clue to understanding their dysfunction and pain. Is the location of the pain actually the cause of the pain? Learn precise myofascial and neuromuscular testing to take the guesswork out of treatment. This class will focus on understanding how the deep front fascial line - our core - affects the periphery. Take home gentle and effective ligament stimulation protocols that will reset the entire fascial system.

Dates: November 3 & 4, 2018

Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm both days

Cortiva Institute -  Miami Campus
7925 N.W. 12 Street, Suite 201
Miami, FL 33126

Cost: $280 until October 19th, $325 after

CE Credits: 12

Instructor: JoAnn Kovaly

JoAnn Kovaly, LMP, PMA-CPT (MA60132961) changed careers in 1999 to follow her passion in helping people achieve their fitness and health goals utilizing classical Pilates. She opened her studio, Body Shoppe Therapies, in 2000. JoAnn is a Pilates Method Alliance “Original Certified” Trainer. While teaching Pilates, she continued her education with massage and manual therapy.

The L.I.F.T. Method is an evolution of many manual therapy techniques including Neuromuscular Re-education, MAT, MLT and Myofascial Length Testing. JoAnn loves teaching and sharing The L.I.F.T. Method approach to function and good health with clients and other practitioners.

What to Bring: Massage linens.  Please wear clothes that are easy to move around in.