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12/16/18- Tucson- Introduction to Foot Reflexology

12/16/18- Tucson- Introduction to Foot Reflexology

Cortiva Institute - Continuing Education

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Workshop Description: Foot Reflexology is based on ancient Asian and Indian holistic energy healing
modalities, developed into the modern zone & reflex system by around 1930. It is now
widely popular in Spas, Massage Studios and has even found its way into the malls.
This class is an introduction to understanding the basic anatomy of the Five-zone
System and the Reflex Points. A Reflex Point is a specific area or point on the foot that
corresponds to another specific part of the body.
DURING THE POWER POINT SECTION of this class, the students will learn how
energy channels in the body are mapped into Zone-Systems and Reflex- areas on the
feet, corresponding to organs, glands and Chakras, indeed to our entire body.
We will learn how to consult with the client, prepare a safe practice environment and
how to practice the basic foot relaxing & thumb walking techniques.
We will explore the importance of relaxation as an antidote to chronic stress, and we will
also learn about the benefits of essential oils and relaxing breathing techniques.
The students will have hand outs of protocols, active participation is encouraged.
DURING THE PRACTICE SECTION of this class the students will take turns practicing
on each other, to experience both giving and receiving a basic foot reflexology
treatment, practicing correct hand placement and reflexology techniques, incorporating
breathing and essential oils for added relaxation.
Wearing vinyl gloves while giving a treatment will be encouraged.

Understanding how foot reflexology works will empower the students to apply the basics
of energy healing and offer a relaxing treatment to family, friends and clients.
Feeling the results of a treatment that can relax the entire body, may inspire the
students to continue on a holistic path to wellness,
We will explore the addition of breath and Aromatherapy to add value to the treatment.
The skill of how to balance, relax and energize the entire body and its systems is a very
desirable addition to any other healing modality, or it can be experienced as a treatment
of its own.
Students will learn to design their own signature treatments incorporating the art and
science of reflexology.
Good health and homeostasis depend on the clear and vibrant energy flow in our

2 HRS, POWER POINT/ LECTURE on the History & Anatomy of the Reflexology
System, and how energy manifest in the body.
Basic techniques on set up, preparing the feet and relaxing the client are also covered.
Students are given hand outs to fill in.
30 Min Break
15 Min BREAK

Prerequisites: This class is open to all body workers!!
Dates: Sunday, December 16th, 2018
Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm 

Cortiva Institute - Tucson Campus

6390 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85710

Cost:  $150  

CE Credits: 6

Instructor:  Krysa Kobryner is a state-licensed Esthetics Instructor, Certified Massage, Reflexology,
and Aroma-therapy Practitioner, Certified Chakra Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master
Teacher, bringing her 20 years of work experience with holistic healing modalities in spa
settings to each of her classes.
Gratefully sharing her passion for Reflexology and how energy is flowing and
connecting in each part of our bodies, Krysa creates interactive, playful classes,
introducing the tools of breath, essential oils and hands on healing touch to create
balance and homeostasis in the body.

What to Bring: Instructions will be provided in your final confirmation letter once payment has been processed and total number of participants has been calculated approximately 1 week prior to the class.